Obama Fails Where Nixon Prevailed


by Stephen Bowers

I wonder about all the You Tube videos I receive from people that look real and believable. I know some are not based in reality, like the Hitler bit which has had the subtitles “interpreted” many different ways, and each one (excepting the profanity) is hilarious.

I don’t know why anyone would make stuff up, particularly about serious things. But they do and when they do it is sometimes hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. I saw one over the weekend that I found quite disturbing. It was an interview of our President … correction, YOUR president, done by Barbara Walters. In this interview the stuff all seemed real, except one aspect of the interview, which seemed fake. It was the words uttered by your president that seemed based in some sort of alternate reality. By now I’m used to hearing very strange things emanate from your president, but this information was beyond the pale. It was weird, even for him.

Ms. Walters had asked him about his plummeting approval ratings to which he replied “Well, Barbara, when you’re at the bottom, there’s no way to go, but up.” That statement seemed surreal because it was an admission of failure that was best left unsaid. Why he wouldn’t just ignore the question in a polite way was beyond me. He seemed happy to address his falling polls as if it didn’t matter. But what followed gave a hint of why he responded thus. And this is when it got really surreal and crossed over into Bizzarro World. I don’t recall whether Barbara followed up with another question or whether your president couldn’t help but “explain things” for the simple among Barbara’s viewers (of which I expect there are many). Your president next explained away saying, “You know Barbara, I was re-elected.” The heavens opened and a general epiphany ensued! Yes, he was re-elected for many reasons (ie: the republicans again put up a lackluster and dull candidate, the media failed to do their job and helped the president at every conceivable turn and some garbage man in Florida complained that Gov. Romney never spoke to him when he made his rounds at the Romney compound in Florida).

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