Obama – Empty Suit Empty Words – Part 1


Reading the Barry Hussein website, I get the impression that it either hasn’t been updated since he “won” the last election or he is in perpetual hope and change and “make vague promises you never intend to keep” mode. Speaking to the lowest intellectual common denominator, which must also be his base, there is no reason to update his presentation or the content. They’ve proven they aren’t paying attention by virtue of their support and his “reelection”. Just smile and say “I love you back.” That’s all you have to do Barry boy. You’re a rock star. On second thought, rock requires talent and skills, you must be a rapper.

To illustrate my point, I’ve compiled the content from the “economy” or “uhconomuh” (if he is using a fake accent while speaking to a group of blacks and trying to sound ethnically correct), page at Organizing for Action, http://www.barackobama.com/economy. My analysis and comments follow each of his meaningless bullet points. This is content from August 3rd, 2012, nine full months after the election, and almost five years into this American nightmare called the Barack Hussein obama Regime.

I challenge anyone to find even one substantiated verifiable actuality in this drivel. It is all platitudes, generalizations and rhetoric. Just another empty exhale from this community organizer turned nation wrecker. Barry Hussein’s text is in bold font; my comments follow in regular font.

• Securing the American Dream and Strengthening the Middle Class

Firstly, after five years I’m asking myself, how does this regime define the American Dream? Is it as simple as dreaming that you can pay the rent or power bill this month? By “securing it” are you chaining it securely to a failing economy? Does “strengthening” the middle class mean making it a larger number? Strengthened to the tune of thirty million more foreigners given work permits could be his angle. We all know there is strength in numbers. Bigger equals stronger, so Hussein is promising a larger former middle class of Americans earning less as they search for lower paying work to fulfill that American Dream of paying this month’s rent. I think I’ve got it, but I’d better read on to be sure.

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