Obama Doesn’t Ship Jobs Overseas, He Brings Foreigners Here to Take Our Jobs


Flash back three years to the 2012 presidential campaign. Barack Obama and Joe Biden sounded like a broken record when they continually accused Mitt Romney of shipping American jobs overseas. They painted Romney as some cruel tyrant who spent his entire life trying to put Americans out of work.

Sadly, Romney and other Republican candidates running for office in 2012 failed to point out Obama’s hypocrisy. They should have told the American people how Obama’s administration awarded a military contract worth $345 million to a Brazilian company when Kansas based Beechcraft Corp was blocked from entering a bid for the contract. Had an American company been awarded the contract it would have created about 1,400 new jobs.

GOP candidates should have told the American people how $20 million of the infamous Stimulus money went to a friend of Biden’s so he could open a luxury car dealership in the Ukraine. US taxpayers were on the hook for $750 billion to help spur the US economy and create jobs for Americans not Ukrainians or others overseas.

So rather than being accused of shipping jobs overseas, Obama has taken a different approach to put more Americans out of work. He is pushing hard to raise the number of H1-B work visas from 65,000 a year to 195,000. An H1-B is supposed to be awarded only to foreign nationals who have special skills that cannot be readily found in the American workforce.
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