Obama is Disarming America


by Stephen Bowers

Watching Obama’s foreign policy minion Chuck Hagel lecture us about how the Defense budget needs to be cut and the world is a different place and American military power is no longer the mightiest in the world, etc. blah blah blah …was so dull and predictable that I gave up early and switched the channel elsewhere. I’m not even sure exactly what he said, but his preliminary comments told me what was coming and if his remarks did not include the above noted doom and gloom, anti-American stuff, I would be apologetic …and shocked. It’s always the same baloney from these Administration/Liberal/Establishment/Commie types. America is “over.” It’s so dull and predictable. Liberals and RINOS don’t really need to speak. They can just show up and everyone else knows what they are going to say. So …please spare us the tedium. Unless they are going to favor us with a real gem of stupidity…for instance…”We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” …I wish they’d clam up! I know what they’re going to tell us…and I don’t care.

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