Obama Considering Sanctions Against Israel, But Can’t Condemn This?


As you may recall, last week Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, released what was termed the “torture report.” Of course it was a partisan Democrat report that had no input from a single CIA official or agent.

Sen. Feinstein seemed to believe, for some odd reason, that we needed a “soul revealing” moment in America. And it came at the expense of our intelligence community with some false sense of ensuring a moral high ground over islamic terrorists.

Let me be clear, there is and never will be any moral equivalency between the actions of the barbaric savage jihadists and terrorists and the United States — water boarding, sleep deprivation, loud music, and even diaper-wearing provides no basis for comparison. And as we have reported today, even now the British military is forbidden from shouting, screaming, banging fists on a table, or using insulting language towards captured jihadists.


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