Obama Administration: Tyrants over Showers and Toilets


That is how I will remember the Obama administration, along with a myriad of other scandals and embarrassments (including the continual apology for America being…America!).

But this takes the proverbial cake and puts it right in the crapper.


What could go wrong with allowing hormone-raging boys into the locker rooms and shower stalls and potty stalls of your young daughters? What could happen should the pervert gym teacher be permitted into that same room? Oh nothing, of course, they identify as the same gender as where they are going to shower and use the facilities.

The Obama Administration today is issuing a letter to every public school in the land telling them to allow “transgender” students to use whichever bathroom they please, according to the New York Times.

The letter is signed by officials from the Departments of Justice and Education, and does not have any legal authority behind it, as the federal government does not technically have legal authority over local public schools.

However, that has not stopped them from threatening schools that don’t comply, with potential lawsuits and the loss of federal funds, according to the Times….

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