Obama Administration to Immigration Enforcement: “Don’t Do Your Job”


As political nerds such as myself often do, I was perusing one of the hundreds upon hundreds of reports that are published every year in the United States. This one was released by the House Judiciary Committee, regarding changes made by the Department of Homeland Security regarding protocol on illegal aliens. Mainly, the changes impacted the number and types of aliens who were deported, but more importantly which aliens were not deported or brought up on charges.

To make a long report more easy to understand for those who don’t enjoy leafing through stacks of government charts, reports, and depositions, here’s the gist of the investigation and its outcome.

The concern for the situation arises from the fact that the Obama administration has been issuing memos that direct immigration, court, and law enforcement officers to exercise “prosecutorial discretion,” postpone action against illegal alien’s who commit crimes, and dismiss removal proceedings on certain individuals. To boil it down a bit more, it means that the government is telling immigration enforcement officials to not do their job to the best of their ability.

Certainly there are cases in which discretion should be exercised in detaining, prosecuting, or deporting illegal aliens. There’s always going to that one scenario where the letter of law simply cannot be followed. That being said, such instances should be few and far between, and the government should definitely not be telling border agents to stop doing their job.

In the cases where justice was delayed, sometimes permanently, for illegal aliens, it became an issue of ethics and policy for many working under the Capitol dome.

Enter the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation. They were becoming exceedingly concerned that the United States was letting possibly dangerous criminals off the hook, and letting them stay within the US even though they should have been deported. The Committee subpoenaed records from the DHS, specifically a list of illegal or criminal immigrants who were breaking laws, but now being prosecuted or deported. Then the committee moved a step further by cross-referencing the DHS list with criminal records to find if any of the aliens proceeded to commit more crimes after being let off the hook.

The results were alarming.

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