Obama Administration Thinks NUNS Need the Abortion Pill?!


by Carly Hill

Fraulein Maria!

The nuns are NOT happy. And rightfully so. As if the Obama administration forcing Christian-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby into a corner over distributing the abortion pill to its employees isn’t enough, now, they are targeting actual religious groups – you know, that one thing they promised not to do.

Just tack it on to the list of broken promises.

Who are the latest targets? Nuns. More specifically, the Little Sisters of the Poor – a non-profit organization of women who make it their life’s mission to serve and care for the poor and needy. They, like other religious organizations have filed a lawsuit over Obamacare making it mandatory for employers to provide abortion pills to employees.

The Obamacare argument? Well, according to the Obama administration, The Little Sisters of the Poor does not qualify as a religious organization because it “hires and tends to people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds,” as reported.

Although that description may be true, The Little Sisters of the Poor is a catholic organization.

So, if the nuns lose, what happens next? They’ll be fined $4.5 million dollars a year.

This is it. With the way things are going, all Christian companies will go bankrupt over the fines they face by not hiring gay people or denying service to gay customers or not providing abortions to employees.

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