Obama Administration Kicks Keystone XL Pipeline Down the Road. Again.


by Spencer Brown

The Keystone Pipeline, a proposed line connecting Canada and Texas, has been once again delayed by President Obama, this time indefinitely. The reasoning behind this latest delay is an apparent need to review the ramifications of the pipeline in the eyes of the public, supposedly those who are to be impacted along the route of the pipeline. However, what the US State Department has recently received over 2.5 million comments in the matter, calling the outpouring of public opinion “unprecedented.” With a proposed route largely traversing unpopulated, rural territory, 2.5 million people interjecting suggests that permit application process in this case is more political than procedural.

The impressive bureaucracy that President Obama has expanded can be held at least partially responsible in the matter of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Formerly headed up by Hillary Clinton, the US State Department is taking a leading role in considering the permit for the Keystone Pipeline. The pipeline crosses the Canadian-American border, so rather than just pertaining to domestic infrastructure, the permit must be approved by the Department of State.

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