Obama Administration Celebrates Admitting 10,000 Muslim Refugees So Far In 2016!


So the federal government really can be efficient – when it wants to. I guess it just must not want to very often.

I supposed we could say that August is a banner month for the government. Yesterday I wrote  that Barack’s plan for Obamacare was for it to collapse under its own weight, to then be replaced by a utopian single payer entirely government healthcare system – that this was the plan of the progressives all along. Obama said years ago that he thought might take 10 or 15 years or more to get to that point, but as I wrote – here we are, a mere six years in, with a system already imploding far ahead of schedule. That’s progress!

Today we hear of yet another milestone for the government. They are at least a month ahead of schedule on another major Obama project. Is it rebuilding our infrastructure? No. Is it putting people back to work? Nope. Is it reeducation camps for constitutionalists? No – none of those.

It was announced yesterday that the Obama administration reached its goal of admitting 10,000Middle Eastern refugees  into the United States. Hooray! That’s six times more than in 2015. Hooray again!

Earlier this year, it didn’t look very promising to get anywhere close to the goal. By the end of January, 2016, only 841 refugees had been relocated to the States. That’s a far cry from 10,000, with only 8 months to go to meet the goal of admitting them all by the end of FY 2016, September 30.

Things were still progressing slowing through the next three months. In February, only 114 were processed, March, it was up to 330 and April had jumped to 451. Then something happened. The administration put the processing of refugees into high gear, as the number in May leaped to 1069 and in June, it vaulted to 2406. Of the 2406, eight were Christian – 2389 were Sunni Muslim. Each month since, the number has increased.

So what happened? Well the details are unknown. We may never know, as they didn’t end up on Hillary’s server. That’s too bad.

But somehow, Barack and John Kerry were able to find a way to drastically decrease the time to properly vet and process the refugees at the center in the country of Jordan, before heading to the U.S., without sacrificing any security of any kind.

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