NY lawmaker opposes legalizing mixed martial arts but wait till you hear his reasons


The question of whether to legalize the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) in the Empire State was answered yesterday by the New York State Assembly, which voted to overturn a ban on the sport that had been enacted in 1997.

Understandably, there were those who opposed lifting the ban, primarily because of the widely held view that MMA — in which anything goes — is too violent. But one member of the legislature had a different objection: namely that the matches amount to nothing more than “gay porn.”

The dissenting voice belonged to Daniel O’Donnell, a Democrat state representing Manhattan and brother of Rosie O’Donnell, who said:

Two half-naked hot men rolling around in a cage trying to dominate each other. It’s basically gay porn, only with a different ending.

O’Donnell’s take is curious, though tracing it to its root is relatively easy. The congressman, like his sister, is gay. This outlook has apparently led him to view a sport where men strip down in much the way they did ancient Roman times through gay-colored glasses.

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