NSA Scandal: Finally, We Have Bipartisanship


It took Obama, a Kenyan born jihadist, at war with America, to finally bring the left and the right together. It took the help of a young man named Snowden to actually provide the catalyst by alerting the whole world to the fact that our own NSA is collecting data on every American. He brought the likes of Bob Beckel, Rand Paul, Ralph Nadar, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and Glenn Beck together in agreement. They all agree that this is an unconstitutional violation of our civil liberties. To be sure, there is still considerable division, even on this question.

The issue has exposed who the big government people are in both parties. John McCain supports Big Brother. Gosh, what a surprise that is. So does Dick Cheney. He always did sort of remind me of Himmler. And John Boehner lines up licking Obama’s boots as usual. During the war of independence, McCain and Boehner would be on the side of the “rule of law” and king George. In Nazi Germany, “law abiding” people obeyed Hitler.

This week, I was reading from my favorite history book, A Patriot’s History of the United States by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen. (Parents, make your children read this book!). I was reminded that this conflict between the proponents of big government and the defenders of individual liberty dates back to the founding of the Republic. In the beginning, the Federalists wanted an overpowering central government. They were led by Alexander Hamilton who was supported by the banks and the merchant class. Hamilton wanted a nationally regulated economy with protective tariffs and subsidies to select industries (sound familiar?).

Jefferson and Madison led the anti-federalist Republican Party which would later become the Democrat Party we know today. In the beginning, they supported a less powerful federal government, less taxation, a balanced budget and strict construction of the Constitution limiting federal power to the enumerated powers. The anti-federalists insisted upon the Bill of Rights as a condition of adopting the Constitution. They distrusted a federal government that could deny God given civil rights.

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