Nothing to Cover…Where are the Binders Full of Women?


Did you ever think you would yearn for the days of the 2012 election season? Ahh, to turn on your television and see the Today show panel taking Romney to task for having “binders full of women.”. How I wish I could see Brian Williams calling Mitt Romney a “flip-flopper” once more. If only I could see Norah O’Donnell doing a breaking news story on Romney cutting a kid’s hair… 30 years ago. Those were the days. And now we see that you truly don’t know what you have till it’s gone.

At least back then we had a point to all the phony outrage*. They had to gin up faux outrage for the anointed one. Journalistic ethics be damned! No republican would prevent their leader from having a second term! But what now? They won, sure, but what in the world can they cover now? They couldn’t cover the failures of Obamacare, or the horrid foreign policy, or the unemployment rate, or the IRS, certainly not Benghazi, the NSA, or the cronyism in Obama’s government. Those stories simply won’t do. So how about racism? That could work.

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