Not the First Time Megyn Kelly Has Maliciously Attacked a Republican


In October of 2013, on her prime-time Fox News show, Megyn Kelly viciously slandered Samuel “Joe The Plumber” Wurzelbacher as a bigot and labled him a contemptible example of a hateful white male coming from “the Right.” Why?

Well, that day a satirical article entitled; ‘America Needs A White Republican President;” was re-posted on Wurzelbacher’s media website ( and various other sites.

So… probably without getting past the first sentence and in her lust to prove she’s the “moderate” Fox News needs to start slicing into the whole Amercan viewing pie… She struck!!

High upon her new Fox News perch – complete with nostrils flaring – Ms. Kelly condemned and derided Joe the Plumber for this repugnant missive she wanted her audience (and her bosses, no doubt) to believe he had written.
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