“Not on My Watch:” A Must-Read for Conservatives


I have reviewed many books over the course of my career. Nevertheless, it is a special treat to review the new book by Patriot Update author David Risselada. NOT ON MY WATCH! Exploring the Marxist Agenda in Education is an outstanding book written by an outstanding author. David is a patriot who served our country as a Marine and a soldier. He is also a scholar and an accomplished author. But what makes his new book especially credible is that David is a warrior in the cultural battle that has been raging in education since the 1960s and still rages to this day. Consequently, David’s description of the Marxist agenda in education is the first-hand account of a warrior who has fought against the pernicious forces of radical liberalism that have infected education for decades and—like all real warriors—he has the scars to prove it. If doing battle with mushy-headed Marxist professors resulted in combat decorations, David would wear the Medal of Honor.

David begins his narrative with these words: “Our country has changed; we are no longer the bastion of freedom we once were. Somewhere along the line our beloved nation has taken a hard turn left and we have been steadily driving down a road toward totalitarianism. The general public seems to be completely oblivious to it, and those who have noticed are struggling to get others to wake up.” In just one paragraph, David summarized two of the biggest problems facing America: 1) the unrelenting onslaught of Marxism, and 2) the apathy of those whose freedom is being undermined by the Marxist agenda.
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