North Carolina Bans Sanctuary Cities for Illegals


A growing number of communities and cities have passed ordinances making them a safe haven for illegals. Known as sanctuary cities or locations, local law enforcement in these places refuse to comply with federal officials requesting the detention of illegals. Perhaps the most notable sanctuary city is San Francisco where an illegal shot and killed Kathryn Steinle on a pier earlier this summer.

After the murder of Steinle, a national poll revealed that 62% of the American people believe that the federal government should take action to shut down sanctuary cities.

North Carolina politicians listened to the people and poll and introduced House Bill 318 which would ban the establishment of sanctuary cities or counties within the Tar Heel State. Popularly referred to as the Protect North Carolina Workers Act, HB 318 also would require local, county and state government agencies to use the E-Verify system to determine the legal status of all job applicants including contractors. On the flip side, the bill bans law enforcement and government agencies from using consular or embassy documents to verify the identity or residence of individuals.
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