Non-Racism In America


What the George Zimmerman Trial Is Showing Us In Full 1080P High Def Clarity

Something I have noticed, there is a ton of non-racism being thrown about in recent days. I say non-racism because apparently you can only be racist if you’re white, and you are automatically white if you defended yourself against a young black “kid”, who happens to be beating you into the ground, by shooting him, even if you are only half white, but you are all black even if you are the only-half-black president and you decide to poke your nose into a local investigation and make racially charged comments about the poor innocent black kid who was shot and killed while beating a man’s head into the concrete. Wait, I’m confused, who are the racists?

Well, if you ask that question to Rachel Jeantel, the star witness in the Trayvon Martin shooting, she sure is not. It’s those horrible “creepy ass crackas” like the half Hispanic man, George Zimmerman. You know, calling whites crackers is not racist at all. That is just retarded, sir (her words, not mine). Oh yeah, but then maybe she is not the best person to ask considering she was caught lying under oath about writing a letter about the events of that night, even though she can’t read or write…

Well, if Jeantel is not an expert on racism, who can we turn to? Perhaps the always calm, cool and collected Chris Mathews would be a better expert on racism, because God knows he never says completely ridiculous stuff without a shred of factual basis. Here is a pearl of wisdom spouted by Matthews directed at Rush Limbaugh: ”Actually, Rushbo, racism is the belief that one race — whites — should rule all others. Get your definitions straight!” Hang on; no other race besides whites can be racist? Well, if MSM coverage of events is any indicator, that would seem to be true, but since the MSM cannot be trusted to report on the weather without lying, I think I will not buy their narrative that whites are racist and no one else is.

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