Non-Gun Real World Example Of “Better To Have and Not Need Than Need and Not Have”


Gun control zealots are all about bemoaning the point that the chances of a person needing a gun are remote. It may suprise many of my readers but I agree with them. Fortunately the vast majority of gun owners will never have to use their firearm to protect themselves.

But so too will a vast majority of homeowners not have their house burn down yet no one is suggesting that fire insurance is somehow only purchased by pyromaniacs.

Do seat belts make people worse and more reckless of drivers?

I can go on and on with this track of logic, logic of course being the bane of gun control. And I could highlight gun owners who were raped or robbed or murdered because they were in a “gun free” zone (or non gun owners who never had a chance), then show comparative footage of gun owners who stopped such crimes when properly armed and therefore prepared to deal with the unexpected.

But sometimes belaboring the same point and same accounts numbs the mind, yet as luck would have it, while watching Sportscenter last night I found a perfect real world non-gun related example of the maxim “It is better to have and not need than to need and not have” and there is video to go with it.

The video that follows is from the aptly named “NOT Top Ten” as it shows what happens when you are woefully unprepared for something that you didn’t think was going to happen.

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