No, MSM—Obama is NOT the Messiah & Holder is NOT Moses


For a country that seems to be moving farther into secularism, there certainly seems to be an abundance of Biblical references to shape and spin the Obama administration.

In the months following President Obama’s inaugurations, people like Jamie Foxx acclaiming Obama as our “savior” and many other references have been made proclaiming Obama as some sort of “messiah” after his election. This would lead some to believe that Obama and his followers use the Bible, our moral compass and example of Godliness and good, only when it serves them best.

Now MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Eric Dyson has made his Biblical denotation, equating Attorney General Eric Holder to being “the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration”.

Fascinating isn’t it? For a country whose media outlets spend more time reporting on stories where citizens are trying to have God and the Bible removed from the public eye, it seems somewhat misguided (or maybe just convenient) to put this administration on pedestals equal to men such as Jesus Christ and Moses, (whom God truly did ordain for life- changing events).

I understand we all use hyperbole at times to make our point. We do this when we feel especially strong about a person or topic and believe in it so intently we can’t find any other way to express “the tingling feeling going up our leg” (thank you Chris Matthews). But isn’t it a bit hypocritical to use references which you may not even understand or agree with in other circumstances, yet choose to use for your convenience?

In reviewing the grander moments in Moses’ life, I am not sure how one would be able to even come close to aligning Holder with Moses.

Moses was asked personally–from God in the form of a burning bush–to save the Israelites from Pharaoh. (Exodus 3) I wouldn’t ever want to venture a determination of Mr. Holder’s relationship with God; it is not my place, nor is it my place to question whether he prays or believes God has directed his actions in a variety of ways. But how do you make the correlation of Holder saving Americans from a dysfunctional, oppressive government, slavery, as Moses did, when Holder himself is an agent of the government? What examples do we have of Holder striving to secure our release from bondage, when instead his actions have caused many to be enslaved even more by the entrapment of government entitlements?

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