Nick Rockefeller Talks RFID Chip and New World Order (must see video)


by Victoria Jackson

I encountered the New World Order and the RFID Chip twice this week.

First, was a fiction/movie premiere of “Rumors of Wars,” a well-done, low-budget film, written and directed by Paul Tomborello, about the persecution of Christians when the New World Order takes over and RFID Chip implantation is mandatory. It has a great cast including Eric Roberts, and the excellent lead actor Ben Davies. See trailer here.

Second, was a non-fiction/video of (the late) Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo, “Trading Places,” “The Rose,” talking about how Nick Rockefeller (of the rumored Illuminati/Bilderberg Group) befriended him after seeing the above video “Mad As Hell” that Russo made while running for Governor of Nevada. It’s interesting how their “friendship” continued even though they disagreed on things like the Council on Foreign Relations and on whether or not the bankers/elite should implant a chip into the worlds’ popluation to control them. It’s even more interesting that Russo died of “bladder cancer”, soon after Russo went on the Internet sharing the New World Order plans/secrets Rockefeller had shared with him.

At (second 33:49, 37:28) Russo says America is a communist country now. Aaron Russo produced the documentary, “America: Freedom to Facisim,” where he explains how the FED, the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal or a reserve, but rather a private group of bankers who control us, is simply a “plank of the Communist Manifesto.” Russo says that unconstitutional “income tax” is another “plank of the Communist Manifesto.”

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