Nice Guys Finish Second, Bad Boys Win Elections


Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner, and Eliot Spitzer.

What’s the first thing into your mind when you read those names? Probably nothing too kind or flattering, right?

This laundry list of politicians-turned bad boys “had it all” at some point in their career – they were leaders of their families, their communities, districts and states. But these men have also lost it all through scandals. And all of them are doozies, the stuff Shonda Rimes dreams of writing for her hit ABC show, ‘Scandal.’

Governor Sanford was running around Argentina with his mistress, Congressman Weiner was a little too free with his tweets (among other things), and Governor Spitzer payed thousands for prostitutes.
Stand up guys, eh?

The fall from grace is never pretty, and these men know that fact better than most. They were forced to resign, face criminal charges, deal with intense media scrutiny, and attempt to put their personal lives back in order. But once they came to terms with the initial consequences of their actions, they didn’t stay out of the political limelight for long.

Sanford was allegedly hiking the Appalachian Trail when he went out of contact with his staff and family for days, and was later caught getting off a plane from Argentina at the Atlanta airport. It later came out that he had been having an extended affair with an international relations professional in Buenos Aires. After divorcing his wife and becoming engaged to his mistress, Sanford announced his intent to return to politics. In the political reshuffle after Jim DeMint’s resignation, Sanford’s old congressional seat was being filled. Sanford ran and won with 54% of the vote.

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