NFL Commissioner & the NFL: Greedy Liars


by Rodney Lee Conover

Headlines: Punching Out a Woman is Bad! NFL commissioner Roger Goodell let the cat out of the bag at a press conference Friday and wants you to know this kind of thing is going to stop! Beating women and children will not be tolerated in his NFL!..

Wow – thanks, NFL – I was unaware that attacking women and children physically was such a big deal, but now that the Commish has stepped up to the plate and announced he’s creating panels, new policies, hiring a law firm to investigate and *GASP – actually talking to WOMEN about it, this must be an important issue.

After all, when Ray Rice emerged from a casino elevator with his fiancee on the ground, unconscious; I – much like the Commish – assumed she just fainted from being overwhelmed at the opportunity to marry such a sweetheart of a guy! It never occurred to me, or Roger Goodell apparently, that Ray knocked her out with a left hook.

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