Next Targets: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and American Flag


Parodies and satire are built on the consequential absurdities of some statement, incident, or argument.

Who would have ever thought that an Olympic athlete would claim to be a woman, or that any man would want to be a woman and certain elements in society would claim that such transitioning deserves an Olympic-type of medal of its own for making such a “heroic” decision?

Now we’re being told that by taking down the Confederate Battle Flag that all will be right with the world. While Flip Wilson’s Geraldine’s character claimed “the devil made me do it,” we’re to believe that a flag made Dylann Roof murder five black people during a prayer meeting in a church.

Let’s remember that South Carolina elected a woman of Indian descent as governor and a black man as U.S. Senator — both Republicans.

If the Confederate Battle Flag is offensive, let’s not forget that the American flag and Constitution are also offensive to many. The American flag, not the Confederate Battle flag or the Southern flag (they are different), flew on slave ships. The Constitution did not abolish slavery, so it has to go as well.
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