Next symbol to be cleansed of its shameful Confederate connections


Liberals have been busy, busy, running around the country literally tagging every statue or other public monument that somehow in their imaginings represents the pre-Civil War South, slavery, bigotry against black people, or some combinations thereof. On Monday, activists dumped red paint on the head of the statue honoring Christopher Columbus in Boston’s North End, scrawling “Black Lives Matter” on the pedestal. That’ll teach him to embark on voyages of discovery six centuries ago!

Yesterday a sculptural tribute to Andrew Jackson for some reason received a similar treatment. (Maybe the geniuses responsible for the desecration were confusing the seventh president of these United States with Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a prominent Civil War general and no relation):

But it’s not just statues that are getting the bum’s rush but statutes. Including those that make up the most revered body of laws the nation knows.

A political scientist and former professor has penned an article calling for the U.S. Constitution to be censored in order to conceal older parts that are offensive.
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