News Stories To Dry Your Tears


Every day I check Fox News, MSN, CNN or USA Today. Mostly, I check Fox News. Wink Wink. Lately it has felt like drudgery when I realize it’s that time of the day. I read the same top news stories every day. The Daily Ten looks something like this.

Daily Top Ten:
1. A Famous Politician is Screwing Everyone Over to Better His Career
2. People are Dead Because a Crazy Person Went on a Shooting Spree
3. Natural Disasters Have Destroyed Hundreds of Lives and Cities
4. A Celebrity Broke Another Law and got Off With a Slap on the Wrist
5. America is Being Threatened By Weapons of Mass Awfulness
6. Another Law is in the Works to Take Away our Religious Freedom
7. Famous People Spend Millions on Things Like Gold Flaked Trash Bags
8. No One Has Any Integrity Anymore
9. Everyone Hide Under a Rock Because The World Is Scary
10. Stop Believing in Hope

Ok. I may be exaggerating. Then again, maybe not. I realize that we all need to stay informed. I also understand that the public is morbidly addicted to sensational stories of tragedy and despair, but sometimes, I wish that we could have a group of reporters that are solely interested in stories that bring healing and remind the world that there are still millions of people with moral strength and character. Where are the news stations that exist to counterbalance the tragedy? Maybe no one would watch them because they aren’t gory enough, but I think we should try it.

Someone once told me that when tragedy strikes, fix your mind on the people and events that bring hope. Remember God’s faithfulness. Look forward to His promises. More than ever, Americans need to be reminded that there is still a God. He has never lost His power, and He and His people are working hard to show love to a dying and depraved world.

Here are a few stories of people and organizations who are proving that we aren’t on a losing team. There is still love and beauty and healing in this country….

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