New York’s Upstate Conservatives Seek Regional Split from Downstate Liberals


Secession can come in many forms and it does not mean starting a new state. So just to be clear, the Upstate Conservative Coalition is calling for two distinct regions to operate within New York. The upstate region would be renamed New Amsterdam, but New York would still operate as a single state where the Electoral Colleges and the congressional seats are concerned. An act of Congress would be needed to create a new state. A detailed description of the plan is available at the Upstate Conservative Coalition web site. The Washington Times has a full report on the latest developments. Apparently, Gov. Andrew Cuomo really started something when he told conservatives and Catholics to get lost and leave N.Y. Many of them feel the same way about him.

When Frank Sinatra sang “New York, New York,” he may have been on to something.

A movement is afoot to split New York into two regions — upstate and downstate — to acknowledge the gaping philosophical differences and improve representation.

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