New York Sheriff on Gun Registration Letters: Toss Them in the Trash


I have to tell you that I like this sheriff! Fulton County, New York Sheriff Thomas Lorey volunteered his county to participate in a pilot program that asked gun owners to go online and register each of the guns they own. However, Lorey did so with a specific purpose and that was to send a message to the bureaucrats in Albany, including the governor. What message did he want to send? “We will not comply.”

“I’m asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the garbage because that is where they belong,” Lorey said to a group of conservative activists. “They go in the garbage because, for 100 years or more, ever since the inception of pistol permits, nobody has ever been required to renew them.”

The State of New York wants to implement their new online gun registration database in February, but Lorey doesn’t think they will be able to accomplish that task.

“Let’s have everybody’s permit expire the same day and let ‘em see what they’re going to do with it,” said Sheriff Lorey.

He also told the group that his office is not to be feared. “I want to assure you that everyone in Fulton County has nothing to fear from the sheriff’s office. We’ve got real crime and real criminals to occupy our time with.”
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