New York Assembly Passes Single-Payer Health Care Bill


In what is seen as a largely symbolic gesture, the New York State Assembly has voted 89-47 for a single-payer health bill. The bill, taken up for the first time in over two decades is a step toward universal health insurance in the Empire State.  It is expected to be turned away in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Via Capital New York:

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, chair of the health committee, gave an impassioned speech on the floor in support of the New York Health Act, arguing that it was long past time for New Yorkers to rid themselves of the intrusive insurance companies whose goal is to deny claims rather than provide care.

Gottfried, a Democrat from Manhattan, spent the legislative session barnstorming the state, trying to gain support for his bill, which would be funded through a progressive income tax and payroll assessments.

So aside from the Democrats promise of universal health care for all and equality in coverage, what could New Yorkers expect from this single-payer system?


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