New “Yik Yak” App: Ground Zero for Anonymous Cyberbullying?


by Jenny Kefauver

As an avid fan of technology and news junkie who can’t stay off my iPhone, iPad and laptop, I am constantly in awe of the seemingly limitless reach and constant development of apps to make life more efficient, seamless and instantaneous. One can book a car rental, bank, find a restaurant and read the news with a few quick swipes.

The downfall, however, with this revolutionary instant gratification, is that it can lead to a slippery slope into a dark alley of ostracizing using the new app With a few words – not necessarily fact-based – the whispers, the stares and the turned backs in the hallways – and even worse, the giggles, taunts and finger-pointing – can lead to humiliating episodes for young people. Already, the app has been banned in a number of high schools across the country due to the often-toxic nature of the anonymous postings leading to devastating rumors and hurt feelings. And at times, the anonymous nature of the app has lead to more sinister motives, such as a threat to shoot up a school or threats of physical harm and violence to other students.

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