A New Low In The War On Christmas


he depths of anti-Christian depravity found among some of the intelligentsia in our post-Christian culture has reached a new low. As if that were possible.

Just in time for Christmas, a season of joy and giving spawned by the birth of Christ, one can now buy a gold necklace fashioned by a fancy designer, celebrating male genitalia, in the form of a cross.

Can you imagine a gold crescent mocking Islam in some sort of perverted way or the same for a star of David? Neither can I. But those in our culture’s elite who are ever sensitive to not offend in any politically incorrect way seem to have no compunctions at mocking Jesus.

But it’s always Jesus and only Jesus. Why is that? Do they all know deep down that it is to Him that shall all give an account for our lives one day?

I have traveled in many parts of the world—including India, Pakistan, Africa, and Europe. I find that besides the names “God” and “Lord,” the main name used in profanity is “Jesus” or “Christ.” You don’t hear people say, “Oh Buddha!”

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