New Hampshire is the Second Stop on the Path to the Presidency


The second stop on the path to the Presidency is the New Hampshire Primary. It is the first election in choosing a party’s nominee.

New Hampshire is similar in population to Iowa having 1,323,459               citizens but having only 7 counties compared to Iowa’s 99. Voters in their 2012 primary election totaled 248,485 voters.

Because of the outsized importance of their Primary each citizen is often quite knowledgeable on national issues and presidential candidates. In the last few days of my 2008 campaign I stopped at a remote gas station to fill up and made some comment about the election to the rather rough looking ponytailed man behind the glass. He responded “oh yes, Tom Tancredo dropped out last night”. All residents follow the campaign closely.

Residents of the Granite State also strongly support the military. Arriving in Manchester taxiing up to the hanger during my 2012 campaign, the flight attendant announced that a member of the military on board was returning home from Afghanistan. Without hesitation there was immediate spontaneous extended applause. As the state hails back to the early days of America each citizen of the Granite State grows up with a strong appreciation of the importance of the military in keeping America free.
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