New Congress May Leave Behind ‘No Child Left Behind’


The key to opportunity in America is a good quality education. It is truly the great equalizer. And there’s no doubt that since the Carter administration decided to separate and create a singular Department of Education — out of Health, Education and Welfare — America has spent billions of federal dollars on education. However, the rate of return on that “government investment” is disproportionately aligned with the standards of education in America. Yep, I spent a year teaching high school in South Florida and saw what “standardized testing” has done. It creates an environment where teachers teach robotic test-taking, not development of critical thinking skills

And we’ve all seen the results when young people get to college who can’t effectively communicate, either written or oral. Heck, I remember my mom making me learn cursive writing before the first grade.

So how does this change? How do we get education back to the level where it truly belongs, at the state and local level — after all, that’s where the school boards are. Perhaps that’s the first thing the new GOP majority can get right.

As reported by Politico, “Republicans are hatching an ambitious plan to rewrite No Child Left Behind this year — one that could end up dramatically rolling back the federal role in education and trigger national blowouts over standardized tests and teacher training.”

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