The New Atheists Claim to be “Bright”


In an earlier column I contended that contemporary atheists are angry at a God they claim does not exist, and the vitriol that characterizes their attacks on God and his flock can be traced to desperation. In this column, I show how atheists are attempting to cast themselves as intellectually superior to believers of any religion by adopting a new name. Just as homosexuals have attempted to improve their image by co-opting the word gay, atheists are attempting to polish their image by adopting the presumptuous label, bright (as in we are brighter than the rest of the world—especially believers).

In his book, I Never Thought I’d See the Day!, David Jeremiah quotes Richard Dawkins’ on the question of why atheists needed a new label: “Those of us who subscribe to no religion; those of us whose view of the universe is natural rather than supernatural; those of us who rejoice in the real and scorn the false comfort of the unreal, we need a word of our own, a word like ‘gay.’ You can say ‘I am an atheist’ but at best it sounds stuffy (like ‘I am a homosexual’) and at worst it inflames prejudice.” Clearly atheists know they have an image problem. The double entendre in their choice of “bright” is obvious. Not only is it a positive sounding word, but if atheists are bright, then the rest of us—particularly believers—must be dummies.

Are believers dummies? Apparently not according to the Harris and Gallup polling organizations. David Jeremiah summarizes the results of two polls—one taken by Harris, the other by Gallup—concerning the religious views of highly educated people in America, people who hold advanced degrees. Here are some of the results of these two polls showing what people with advanced degrees in America believe:

78 percent believe the soul survives after death
72 percent believe in miracles
64 percent believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ
60 percent believe in the Virgin Birth
55 percent believe in the Devil
53 percent believe in Hell

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