#NeverTrump Betraying America by Helping Hillary Clinton


This author being blessed with excellent health, nonetheless when I saw the despicable sight of a half dozen GOP Members of Congress on TV in a political ad promoting Hillary Clinton I had the urge to vomit. How could they? Hillary Clinton is a criminal, a notoriously corrupt, callous, ruthless oligarch and would be tyrant. She is a monster.

Hillary Clinton not only holds far left, secular humanist, socialist plans if elected, to destroy our economy, but she openly speaks of her utter contempt for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. She would destroy freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association, and gut our second amendment right to bear arms in our own self defense. Moreover, she champions murdering unborn children and planned parenthood and considers the rights of gays, lesbians and transgender perverts more important than the rights of Christians to express our beliefs and practices in the public square.

The issue does not stop there.

The corruption involving Hillary and Bill and scores of scandals dating back 35 years or more, combine with her political aims to demonstrate that Hillary is power mad and totally evil.

Given that Hillary Clinton is guilty many times over of high treason and is hell bent on finishing the destruction of America that Obama has well underway stemming from his two tyrannical terms in office, no true patriot, conservative or Republican can possibly cite any valid reason to oppose Donald Trump as the alternative to Hillary Clinton.

If the abysmal failure of the GOP controlled House and Senate to act to stop Obama these past two years did not totally convince voters that most of the GOP members are traitors to our nation, we all certainly know it now. Since Hillary Clinton has willfully committed innumerable crimes of high treason, for “RINOS” or Republicans of any stripe to be “#Never Trump”, to advocate Hillary’s election or to advocate Hillary’s election by default via opposing Donald Trump, is aiding and abetting the election of a corrupt, criminally treasonous and power-mad tyrant as Hillary Clinton, is an act of criminality on their part.

Should Donald Trump win the election and become President in spite of the “#Never Trump” crowd, these cowards and criminally negligent “RINOS” should be banished from public life and from the GOP forever.

The survival of America hangs in the balance with this election.

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