Needed Reminder: Good Cops Still Exist


by S.C. Sherman

I had all but decided against writing on this topic for Clash when I opened my FB page to see yet another story with video of some cops shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. The article continued along the lines of unarmed and unjustified murder by another set of American police officers. A few days earlier we had a story about a drunk driving nineteen-year-old girl shot four times in the head by a cop. We also had the cop who strangled a non-resistant college student till he passed out. That was all this week, and last month, there was the unarmed homeless guy shot and killed by cops. With all of that, you might think, what the hell is going on with our cops?

I’m not going to address those stories and I’m not making excuses for those cops who appear to have committed senseless acts of violence on the citizens they’ve sworn to protect. There is no place for cops like that.

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