Needed: Courageous GOP Leaders


If I could put a help wanted ad in the paper for a future political candidate that could change the disastrous direction of this country, what would it say? I know it would list words like Constitutional, Patriotic, Godly, Courageous, and Fearless. The question is whom would apply and who is worthy of the job?

A friend asked me who I thought was a top political candidate for the GOP. Truthfully, I didn’t answer the question. There are names floating in my head but I am fearful of answering that question because every time there is a candidate who stands out as a frontrunner, he or she somehow abandons the core principles I hold high on my imaginary “wanted” poster. So many have disappointed that I have abandoned the word Republican to describe my political position and maintain the sole word of Conservative under my political views.

Recently, while on vacation, my family and I were exiting an amusement park and were in a crowd of people in line for transportation to take us back to our car. While in line a man and some members of his party decided that they were going to push their way ahead to the front of the line. A security worker caught up with them and directed them back to the end of the line and kindly reminded them that they had to wait in line like everyone else. Not even a minute passed and the man again, with the others following, started passing people in line and were quickly pushing their way to the front. I was surprised that those in line were letting them by but more amazed that several of the other park workers were just letting them get away with it. Then the first security worker quickly took action. He raced to the front entrance, asked the help of some other employees and they barricaded themselves so that the cheaters couldn’t get through. He stood his ground and called for more security and my family and I were able to peacefully go on our way.

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