NCAA, Yelp, Walmart and Others Say OK to Destroy Christian Businesses


Can we have a little less “tolerance,” please? The “gay” Klan has arrived and they are ugly, mean and merciless.

Sadly, they are being honored and welcomed by much of corporate America and big sports, and even Republican politicians have become deer in the headlights.

Why was Mike Pence not prepared for this? Or possibly he does not know what he believes and is willing to stand for.

Because the response he should have made is to defend the Indiana RFRA law, list the numerous examples of people who have been fired or driven out of business by the gay-stapo, saying, “This law is needed because of what we are seeing from those who are deliberately targeting people of faith.”

But Pence didn’t do that, did he? Now, the “fix” in both Indiana and Arkansas is likely to look a lot like the Big “Gay” dreams: so-called “employment non-discrimination” (ENDA) laws including sexual orientation and gender identity (SO/GI), laws routinely deployed to do exactly what the RFRA was designed to prevent: discrimination against people of faith.

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