Nazi War Criminals Collecting Social Security from U.S. Government


by David L. Goetsch

In the aftermath of World War II, most Nazi war criminals were hanged; most, that is, except the few who escaped the noose, found their way to other countries, and lived long, comfortable lives under assumed names. Ironically, one of the countries escaping Nazis fled to was America. It is bad enough that Nazi war criminals were able to escape justice at the end of a rope, but now we learn that these geriatric thugs are collecting social security payments every month from the U.S. government. This level of ineptitude in the federal government comes as no surprise, but even considering the inefficiencies of government bureaucracies, paying social security to known Nazi war criminals is a bit much to accept.

What makes this outrage even harder to accept is that the war criminals in question no longer even live in the U.S. Once their Nazi pasts were discovered, the men in question were quickly deported. Yet even though they are known war criminals who have been deported from the U.S., these aging Nazis are still collecting social security payments from the U.S. government; allotments paid for by the children of brave American soldiers, sailors, and airmen who were killed fighting the totalitarian scourge of Nazism. Allotments also paid for by the families of Jews these thugs helped burn in the ovens of concentration camps. This situation is a disgrace. So how did it happen?

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