Navy brings charges against officer who fired back at Chattanooga terrorist


There’s “good order and discipline,” and then there’s “poor leadership and judgment.”

Unfortunately, I agree with Allen West that it’s more of the latter we’re seeing, with the news that the Navy is bringing charges against Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) Timothy White, who returned fire against terrorist Muhammad Abdulazeez in Chattanooga on 16 July.  (A second uniformed man present, an unnamed Marine, is also reported to have returned fire.  It hasn’t been publicly reported whether either defender hit Abdulazeez in the exchange.)

Says West (emphasis original):

Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.

I’m all for good order and discipline myself, and LCDR White was apparently carrying a personal firearm on a federal compound, in violation of military regulations, at the time of the attack.  He discharged it too, and that’s a separate violation.

You don’t just overlook the infractions here.  But this is a much bigger issue than the violation of a peacetime regulation, and guys like the secretary of the Navy are paid to recognize that.
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