Nationalized Healthcare Is Killing America


Let’s make this real simple. Suppose you live in a house with another person and you have good health insurance that you work and pay for. Your roommate doesn’t work or has a job that either doesn’t provide health insurance or he chooses to pay for other things than a health insurance policy. Since he doesn’t have health insurance and you do, he tells you he thinks he should also have health insurance and since you have it and you make more money than he does he wonders if you would just pay for his health insurance because he “can’t afford it”.

Your first response might be , “ Why should I do that? I work so that I can improve my life with better creature comforts , greater financial security and savings for a rainy day. What makes you think I should work for your creature comforts and financial security?” Your roommate cannot supply a reason for this as it could easily be relayed to him by a poorer neighbor that he has more wealth than he does. In the vernacular of an evasive politician ( aren’t they all ? ), this translates to “ there is plenty of wealth for us ( meaning the wealth redistribution fanatics) to insure that all of the citizens of the U.S. get health care. If taxpayers can’t pay for the ones who don’t have health insurance,, they must forfeit the right to their earnings so that I ,the politician, can proclaim I have made everyone’s life better since I’ve taken from the more ambitious and hard working and doled it out to people who need something they currently don’t have.

The principle is no different if it is applied to a pair of roommates or a nation’s population. Taking by force from one person so that another can have some of what he does not have is the same thing as legalized robbery. A private citizen taking money by force from another citizen is called a robber. When a government agent takes it and via a vast redistribution network gives it to those it deems in need, this is called by politicians a noble endeavor. There is no nobility in thievery. The fact that it has never worked , as witnessed by the “experiment” in the Soviet Union and countless other socialist regimes most notably Canada and Great Britain ( which really is no longer very great ) seems to be something the politicians can’t ( or won’t ) grasp.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Saunders are pandering to those who want health insurance without paying for it. The fact is , someone will have to pay for it. That someone is the American taxpayer. Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer you are being asked to pay for your neighbor’s health insurance. That means that if you think your rates for health insurance are too high now, imagine what they will be when you have to pay for everyone ( I’ve heard the number 40 million ) that needs it but doesn’t have it.

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