NAACP Attacks Phil Robertson Ignores Oprah Race Views


by Deneen Borelli

It did not take long for the NAACP to pile on the left-wing frenzy to attack Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s comments on race.

In a letter from the Human Rights Campaign and the NAACP to Nancy Dubuc, the President and Chief Executive Officer at A&E, the organizations urged the network to condemn Robertson’s comments about homosexuals and blacks and to also have him apologize for his remarks.

Following the NAACP’s entry into the media circus, some are calling Robertson’s remarks about blacks more concerning than his comments about homosexuals.

Melissa Barnhart of The Christian Post wrote about the way CNN included Robertson’s race remarks into the controversy.

For example during Anderson Cooper’s show, LGBT activist Dave Savage found Robertson’s race comments, “more offensive:”

Savage continued: “I actually thought what he said about African Americans in the South under Jim Crow was so much more offensive. At a time when, if an African American looked funny at a white person they could be lynched, oddly enough, he never heard any of them complaining to him about their circumstances.”

In his story, “The Real Duck Dynasty Scandal: Phil Robertson’s Comments on Race,” Jonathan Merritt of The Atlantic found the race comments much more alarming than Robertson’s remarks on sexuality.

According to Merritt:

His comments [on homosexuality]may be ignorant, offensive, or ineloquent. But they are not all that shocking.

What is shocking are Robertson’s comments about race in the same interview. Buried under the firestorm of media and public outrage over Robertson’s comments on sexuality is his stunning insinuation that blacks were quite happy in the Jim Crow South:

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