Myth of Racist Cops: False Narrative of Fact-Averse Liberals


Police officers have been getting a bum rap lately. During the Ferguson fiasco liberals created a false narrative about racist cops, a myth they have perpetuated since. Jason Riley, senior editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal, wrote about this false narrative in the January 2015 issue of Imprimis. Author of the new book, Please Stop Helping Us, the distinguished journalist who happens to be black wrote: “The shooting death of a young black man by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri touched off a national discussion about everything except the aberrant behavior of so many young black men that results in such frequent encounters with police. We talked about racial prejudice, poverty, unemployment, profiling, the tensions between law enforcement and poor black communities, and so forth. Rarely did we hear any discussions of black crime rates.”

In his article for Imprimis, Riley put his finger squarely on why I think cops are getting a bum rap. But before getting more deeply into the issue of the false narrative being promulgated by liberals with an agenda, a few caveats are in order. First, I acknowledge that there are racist cops, although it must be said that not all racist cops are white. Bad cops come in all races. However, I believe that racist cops—regardless of their race—represent a small minority of the nation’s overall police force. Second, I am an advocate of community policing. However, although this strategy can help relieve tension between police officers and black citizens, it will not solve the problem of black crime in America. In fact, the issue of black crime in America will never be effectively dealt with until we can have an honest dialogue about it. And therein is the rub. As things now stand, the myth of racist cops is being controlled by people who benefit from perpetuating the false narrative that currently prevails—people such as Al Sharpton and his supporters in the mainstream media.

Any honest dialogue concerning the racist cop myth must begin with some hard facts about black crime in America that liberals demand be ignored. In fact, just bringing up the issue of black crime in America is sure to get one labeled a racist in today’s politically-correct social environment, regardless of the race of the individual who raises the issue. Ironically, although Jason Riley is black and one of the most distinguished journalists in America, he is just as likely to be labeled a racist for straying from liberal orthodoxy on black crime as are people of other races. In fact, the issue of black crime and other problems in the black community taken together comprise a political mine field for people who—unlike paternalistic liberals—would really like to see life improved for black Americans. But Riley cares enough to present the hard facts that all Americans—liberals of all races—must understand and accept if we are ever going to make progress on racial issues in this country.

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