Mysterious Death Related to Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate


by Victoria Jackson

“A key Hawaii official in the dispute over Barack Obama’s birth certificate – who lifted state restrictions to allow the White House to present the document to the public – has died in a plane crash.

Loretta Fuddy, the state health department director, was the only fatality among nine people aboard a Cessna Grand Caravan that went down at about 3:15 p.m. on Wednesday while heading to Honolulu.”

WND Story here.

Orly Taitz reports on her web site: “Within hours after Attorney Orly Taitz published a press release of Johanna Ah’Nee-Randolph’s “control” birth certificate showing the same evidence of forgery and backdating as Obama’s alleged birth certificate, which was certified as genuine by director of Health of HI Loretta Fuddy, it was announced that Loretta Fuddy was the only passenger to die in a small plane accident. Attorney Taitz calls on 8 courts and judges who received her cases to rule expeditiously on the merits and review the evidence of forgery and theft in Obama’s IDs before more people die.”

Just to refresh your memory;

Obama’s CT Social Security card is ‘fake’ because he never lived in Connecticut, and the number on it is from a dead man. Obama’s ‘fake’ Hawaii birth certificate has numerous mistakes; 1) It states his father was born in Kenya which did not exist in 1961. It was called the British protectorate of East Africa. 2) His father is listed as African. In 1961 all blacks were called Negroes. 3) The number on the ‘fake’ birth record is lower than twins born several days before Obama. 4) The ‘fake’ birth certificate was badly photoshopped by an amateur who left visible layers.

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