This Must be Bizarro World


by Onan Coca

What in the world is going on out there? How is it possible that a man the entire world hated and wanted to see gone is now dictating terms to us? We are the leader of the free world. We are the planet’s only superpower. We are the embodiment of liberty, justice and possibility in a dark and dangerous world. We are the United States of America and Bashar al Assad is a monster from a backwater desert nation where death and destruction are the order of the day… yet somehow he gets to tell us what to do? How does this even remotely make sense?

President Barack Obama.

Oh. Now I see.

Since President Obama took office, the American government has been hurtling towards the precipice. Our national policies have been burdensome and counterproductive, likely prolonging what has been the worst economic “recovery” in the history of our nation. In 2010, the President and Democrats passed Obamacare, a scheme to nationalize and socialize our nation’s healthcare system. They did this without a single Republican vote and making use of some nifty parliamentary procedures. The first two years of the Obama Presidency were so ghastly that in the 2010 midterm elections, the Republicans won a historically massive amount of seats in the House. The next few years held more economic stagnation due to the President’s policies, and then the dam broke on the scandalous behavior of the Obama administration. In what has become the most scandal-ridden administration since the Grant Presidency, President Obama is beginning to look more and more like the oafish caricature of a villain than he does a President.

With the colossal load of scandals on his back, the President searched diligently for any lifeline, and when he found a rope in the Syrian Civil War he took it. The problem is that the President doesn’t have much credibility at home or cache abroad.

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