Muslims at the Local Shooting Range


My friend was shooting at the Nashville Armory when he noticed a Muslim family at the range. Adult Muslim women dressed in their regalia were in the waiting room, the adult men and boys were shooting on the range, and what appeared to be two teenage girls walked out of the gun range and into the gun shop in their jihabs, with only their eyes showing.

Were they Islamic terrorists? Or just nice Muslims practicing our 2nd amendment right?

What’s the policy of the Nashville Armory? Are people allowed to walk in and practice shooting in face masks, Halloween costumes or bandanas covering their mouths and baseball caps? Perhaps a Lone Ranger or Batman Costume…or a surgical mask to prevent the flu? According to the Nashville Armory website, low-cut blouses are not allowed, but nothing is said about face coverings.

You can rent semi-automatic weapons at the Nashville Armory.

Why is this disturbing? Well, for one thing…common sense dictates that people handling weapons should be identifiable.

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