Steven Crowder Video Controversy: Muslim threats Versus Christian Forgiveness


Before He was crucified, Christ was tormented, scourged, and brutalized. He was then made to carry the very cross to which He would be nailed up the hill on which He would die. The pain He suffered before dying was excruciating beyond human description.

So how did Christ respond to this abuse? After all, He is the son of God. He could have struck down His tormentors in the blink of an eye. He could have banished His tormentors from the face of the earth and destroyed the entire Roman nation with just a snap of His fingers, but He didn’t. Instead, as Christ hung dying on the cross He asked God to forgive his tormentors.

As followers of Christ, we too are admonished to forgive our tormentors — something we have to do frequently in an America that is increasingly hostile to Christians. If Christians lashed out in violence every time Christ is attacked, vilified, mocked, or condemned, America’s streets would run with blood every day.

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