Muslim Terrorists Attack School Kill More Than 130 Kids!


As if the world needed more evidence of the disgusting nature of real-world Islam – the Taliban has just demonstrated it for us once again. The day after a Muslim Terrorist attacked a Sydney, Australia café leading to a siege that left 3 dead (including the gunman), a group of Muslim men bent on terror and destruction attacked a school in Pakistan and committed a horrible and atrocious act of violence.

Gunmen wearing police uniforms and suicide bomb vests entered a public school in northern Pakistan around 11am on Tuesday and began killing the people they found inside. As I write this, the current death toll sits at 145 – 132 children and 10 members of the school’s staff and 3 soldiers.

The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the attack as retaliation for the Pakistani military’s recent crackdown on terrorist activities in the region. Military spokesman General Asim Bajwa said that military forces arrived at the school within 15 minutes after the attack began… and what they found was horrible.

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