State Dept says Muslim Ramadan More Important than 4th of July?


Over the past couple of decades, liberals have been downplaying American patriotism in favor of globalism and other countries. A number of schools, especially in the southwest, have discriminated against displaying the American flag for fear it offends Hispanics. Some students have been suspended for wearing t-shirts with the American flag on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo – a Mexican holiday that has nothing to do with Mexican independence as so many think).

In our public schools, America is being taught as being the enemy of the world. Students are taught to be more loyal and patriotic to globalism than to America. Our history is being re-written and perverted in ways that completely distort the true events that made our nation great. Even Barack Obama has declared that Muslims played a very important role in early American history when that is nothing but a complete lie.

Now our own State Department is placing the 4th of July on the back burner to appease other countries. The US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia decided to celebrate the 4th of July on June 4 because it would conflict with Ramadan, an Islamic holiday which starts June 17 and runs for one month.

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