Muslim Gangs Raping Women and Children in Germany


German correspondent Alexander Benesch wrote concerning Muslim refugee camps in Germany, “It is about an internment facility in Hessen where they initially put the refugees for further processing. It mentions a lack of security for women and children, leading to rape, molestation and (reportedly but not verified) forced prostitution.”

Then there is the coverup of these atrocities by the German government and media.

“Mainstream media coverage of this is scarce, because it embarrasses the government of Hessen and it embarrasses Berlin,” said Benesch.

The Gatestone Institute reports:

Horst Seehofer, the leader of Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavaria-based sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), painted a grim picture, saying that Merkel’s open border policy “was a mistake that will occupy us for a long time yet. I see no possibility of putting the stopper back into the bottle.”

German media is in lockstep with the government, giving happy-talk and a positive spin on migrant crisis of gigantic proportions hitting Europe.

German newspapers and media outlets have suppressed the stories of rampant rape and child abuse among the migrants housed in government-run accommodations. In a recent letter addressed to the Minister of Integration and Social Affairs in the state of Hesse, prominent women’s organizations have described the culture of rape and violence perpetuated by male migrants — right under the nose of German authorities. The letter states:

“It is a fact that women and children [at HEAE accommodation facility, under the supervision of Administrative District of Giessen]are unprotected.
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