How Much Kool-Aid Does It Take To Miss The Liberal Craziness?


I just finished arguing with someone on Facebook who was trying to defend DWS (Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz). His (ignorant delusional) comment was, “It’s a shame that DWS had to resign from the DNC because of conspiracy theories!” HUH?! Was he playing with all his faculties?

Typical Democrat BS… yes, sorry. But think about it. THOUSANDS of documents were released by WikiLeaks. Looks like they were able to find all those documents that Hillary couldn’t find and send to the Feds.

Here is how it works with a Liberal … When the emails beat on Republicans, then they are true and real. When a Secret Service agent or the CIA or the FBI accuses a Republican of something, it’s gospel truth. When it smells like a Conservative Republican has done something illegal, the Left immediately yells “Guilty,” “cover-up,” or “white privilege.”

But when a Democrat is caught red-handed, it’s a conspiracy or a Right-wing plot to make them look bad! Because, you know, the Feds are out to get them.

DWS has resigned from the DNC (effective AFTER the Convention) because they found out through WikiLeaks that the DNC plotted and worked against everyone EXCEPT Hillary. Instead of denying it and fighting back she simply resigned. Sorry, something is wrong here.

If they fight it and the “Bernie” people (who lost their first round against the super delegates Saturday) find out the truth, there might be some serious trouble at the convention!

These self-righteous people are truly amazing to me. Again I say the mantra of the “Left Dems all good, Repubs all bad!”, “Capitalism bad.” Yet, they go to Capitalists to get, finagle, and/or extort money from them.

So, it seems that if WikiLeaks’ claim that the DNC actively worked against all candidates, specifically Bernie, to help Hillary win was really a “conspiracy” or false, then why would senior Democrats push her out? Why wouldn’t they fight back?

Why would she leave? Certainly you heard her crazy comments in years gone by? Remember when she said in 2014 that the American people know the truth, and that they would keep the presidency, keep the Senate, and take the house? Must have been the Kool-Aid. She has her own reality. So why didn’t she fight to keep her position?
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